Kids’ Book Reviews

Laughter and happiness is so important to share and foster with our children. Children love reading funny books and they thrive when adults can share their joy. And yet how often do we promote truly funny books, much less read them aloud with our kids? A terrific new collection fills [...]
Thu, May 25, 2017, Continue reading at the source
As parents and teachers, it can be hard to watch our children navigate the difficult waters of friendship. I have a clear memory of watching my oldest daughter wander the playground by herself in kindergarten, just watching other children play. It can be hard to give our children advice, and [...]
Mon, May 22, 2017, Continue reading at the source
Are you looking for a chapter book to share with your family that works across a range of ages? Hook them with the humor of Dory Fantasmagory. This audiobook will have the whole family laughing along with charming six-year-old Dory and her siblings.Dory Fantasmagoryby Abby Hanlonnarrated by Suzy JacksonDial Books [...]
Tue, May 16, 2017, Continue reading at the source

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