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MayCourt of Fives by Kate Elliott

JuneThe Inventor’s Secret by Andrea Cremer

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What did our Book Club think?

Book CoverEpic by Conor Kostick

What our bookclub thought: “Five Thumbs Up!”

Favorite characters:  Cindella (main character’s alter-ego), B.E.
Favorite part:  The Final Battle was really cool and crazy! (The number of different kinds of creatures they were fighting was a little confusing though.); Lightning and Thunder were awesome!
The story grabbed us right away.  It was exciting and engaging.

Least Favorite part:  The Council Meetings.  Those got kind of slow.

What we would change:  Save the Dragon!
Fix the game rather than destroying it.  That way they could still explore.
Get the game Avatar a girlfriend so it isn’t lonely anymore.
We want more!  A continuation of the story with Epic and Cindella.

Will we read the sequels?  YES!


Accidental Samurai Spy by local author, Mariko Tatsumoto

Thank you to Mariko Tatsumoto, for coming to speak with us about her book!

What our bookclub thought:

We really liked that we got into the action really fast.  We loved the dog, Tama!  She’s awesome!  It was funny and painful when Aritomo got shot in the butt.

Aritomo is smart, and resourceful, and deeply loyal to his friends and family.  His struggle with loyalty to his family or his friends and his confusion over who is the “good guy” and who is the “bad guy” was interesting and engaging.

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