Code of Conduct

Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library (RSL) is committed to providing a secure and supportive environment for its resources and services.  Therefore the Library has established the following Code of Conduct to protect the rights and safety of library patrons, volunteers, and staff, and to preserve library materials, equipment, and facilities.  The staff is authorized to enforce the Code of Conduct, which includes the possibility of temporary or permanent removal of library users.  The following behaviors and actions are examples of conduct not allowed on Library property.

Conduct which violates local, state, or federal statutes

Conduct which disturbs others or interferes with any person’s comfort and/or safety

  • Being disruptive, disorderly, using profanity or abusive language, stalking, verbally or physically threatening or harassing patrons, staff or volunteers.
  • Loitering or otherwise remaining on Library property for purposes other than the use of its resources and services.
  • Monopolizing space, seating, tables or equipment to the exclusion of others.
  • Using cell phones or other devices in a loud or disturbing manner.
  • Non-compliance of the Library’s Internet Use Policy.
  • Soliciting, panhandling, or distributing materials or political campaigning.
  • Use of alcohol or illegal substances on Library property.
  • Smoking, vaping or use of tobacco or marijuana products within 15 feet of Library entrance.
  • Leaving valuable or personal items unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Bringing a weapon into or possess a weapon in the library.  This prohibition does not apply to law enforcement officers carrying service weapons in accordance with their department policies.
  • Having offensive body odor or using the library as a place to bath or wash personal items.
  • Entering the premises without wearing shirt or shoes.
  • Bringing animals other than certified service animals into the library. 

Conduct towards library property and facilities

  • Stealing, destroying, altering, defacing or abusing Library facilities or property.
  • Interfering with the access or use of the Library facilities by others.
  • Skateboarding or any wheeled activity; bicycles must be parked in provided outdoor racks.
  • Being in the library without the permission of an authorized library employee, before or after library operating hours.

Conduct relating to children

  • Leaving children unattended.  Refer to the Library’s Unattended Children Policy.
  • Use of areas designated for youth by adults without legitimate need to use resources in those areas.
  • Attempting to solicit inappropriate interaction with any minors by adults.

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