Election 2020

The following websites are useful if you are trying to find information about the results of the recent election.

Unofficial Archuleta County 2020 General Election Results.

Colorado Election results.

Results pages from various media sources are also included below.

FiveThirtyEight CNNFoxPBS

Information about election related litigation can be found on SCOTUSblog (a well respected source of Supreme Court information and news).

Information about current senators and representatives at the federal level can be found at www.govtrack.us

Information about senators and representatives serving in the Colorado General Assembly can be found at https://leg.colorado.gov/legislators. You can also find your legislator.

Information about major and minor political parties can be found below by clicking on the name of the party.

Major Parties

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Minor Parties

American Constitution Party

Green Party

Libertarian Party

Book Recommendations

Click here for a comprehensive list of books related to elections and government.

Updated 10/14/2020

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