Fall 2015 Lifelong Learning Lecture Series

The Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library has a Lifelong Learning Lecture Series that is held twice a year.  It is a six-week series that runs on Thursdays from 5:30-7 pm in our large meeting room.  There is a variety of presenters and topics that you’re sure to find of interest.  Please join us for as many as you would like — there is no additional cost, and there is no registration required.  We hope that you’ll continue your lifelong learning with us!

Here is what is scheduled for the Fall 2015 series, which runs October 15-November 19, 2015:

Thursday October 15, 2015     “Solarize Archuleta”
Presenters:Kurt Schneider, Gary Friedrich, Nick Abraham, Jonathan Dobson, Greg Weaver

With a goal of facilitating the installation of 30 grid-interactive photovoltaic systems in Archuleta County over the coming year, come and hear about the inner workings and benefits of the program. “Going solar” is more than likely a much easier and more affordable thing to do than you think. There will be time for Q&A after the presentation.

Thursday October 22, 2015     “Food Preservation”
Presenter: Terry Schaaf

Learn about food preservation — why it is important and what you need to know to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

Thursday October 29, 2015     Health Portals: How Technology Can Aid Your Health Goals
Presenters: Elizabeth Howey, Jan Santopietro, Lacy Capre

Wellness at Pagosa Springs Medical Center offers an introduction to online health management. Instruction and free access to the Vitality Wellness Portal and Health-e Patient Portal will be offered to help achieve health, fitness, weight, diet, and lifestyle goals. The presenters will explain a variety of local options for health improvement such as nutritional counseling, classes, and early detection screens.

Thursday November 5, 2015     “The Way of the Tree: Photographs and Stories from an Around-the-World Trip”
Presenter: Jonathan Dobson

Come and hear about a trip around the world that had been planned for 16 years. Jonathan will present the story of his journey that took him through India, Nepal, China, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Turkey and Greece. He will share his photos in a slide-show presentation that will cover his 3 month trip. Be an armchair tourist with us!

Thursday November 12, 2015     The 30-Year Controversy of the Village at Wolf Creek
Presenter: Jimbo Buickerood

Since the original 1985 land exchange was initiated by development interests, controversy has surrounded related issues including land exchanges, environmental analyses, legal issues, appraisals, “backroom dealings,” and other issues associated with a few hundred acres of the Alberta Park area on the east side of Wolf Creek Pass. The presentation will review the history and issues regarding the controversies including an update on the latest impasse in the attempt to build a town adjacent to the Continental Divide for thousands of residents situated where Colorado’s highest average annual snowfall accumulates.

Thursday November 19, 2015     Barren of Human Rights: Touring North Korea”
Presenter: Rose Lynn

North Korea does not get good press in the United States. The U.S. State Department issues a perennial travel warning, strongly recommending that U.S. citizens do not visit the “Hermit Kingdom” because of the dangers of arrest, detention, death, and so on. What you actually find may be very different. Everyday life in Pyongyang consists of ordinary and timeless pursuits, such as food and drink, work and leisure, romance and family. The stuff of everyday life will be the focus of this talk, and is what cuts through the grand rhetoric of barbarianism to reveal human beings.


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