HVAC renovation 2020

On this page, you will find links to the complete design done by ME&E Engineering, as well as the electrical and mechanical specs they provided.

The full RFP is below. It is now due by April 2 at 3 pm. The non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be on Wednesday, March 25 at 2 pm at the library. A representative from ME&E Engineering will be present. If you have specific questions about the meeting or plan on attending, please reach out to Dustin at ME&E Engineering, dustin@meneengineering.com.

Complete design found here.

Electrical specifications found here.

Mechanical specifications found here.



Request for Proposal (RFP)

HVAC Equipment and Installation

Publication Date: March 3, 2020

Responses Due: March 27, 2020 before 3 pm MDT

RFP Submitted By: Meg Wempe, Director


(A respondent is defined as any legal entity, which may be company or individual(s) responding to this RFP.)

Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library/ Upper San Juan Library District, (“USJLD”), hereby requests bid proposals to provide the following HVAC equipment and installation services at USJLD located at 811 San Juan Street, Pagosa Springs, CO (“Library”). With this RFP, USJLD is providing a copy of the design work completed by ME&E Engineering, which includes and is not limited to mechanical and electrical specifications. The complete design specifications submitted herein are to be executed in this HVAC work.

General:  All interested qualified parties should contact Meg Wempe at USJLD at ruby@pagosalibrary.org or by calling (970) 264-2209. The announcement is available on our website, www.pagosalibrary.org, and in physical form at 811 San Juan Street, Pagosa Springs. Submittals are due by 3 pm MDT on April 3, 2020, and can be hand delivered or sent electronically to ruby@pagosalibrary.org.   

*There will be a non-mandatory, pre-bid meeting at USJLD on March 18th at 2 pm with a representative from ME&E Engineering.  Library Director will also be present.  


1. Name of legal entity responding to this RFP, and company name if different therefrom; address, phone, and email. Identify the owner(s) of the respondent if appropriate. The respondent may be referred to as “Contractor” or “bidder.”   

2. Type of work Contractor is licensed to perform and any other specialization of the Contractor.

3. Contractor’s complete pricing for the entire service to be performed. 

4. Insurance Company data including proof of General Liability and Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Data includes the name, address, phone, fax and emails of the insurance carriers. If bidder does not carry Workers’ Compensation, a Declaration under oath shall be completed by the Contractor. This affidavit must be signed, dated, and witnessed in front of a notary public. In the event a contract is awarded, USJLD shall be named as first loss payee on all insurance coverage.  

5. A list and short description of project in which the Contractor has participated in the past three years.

6. Estimated time for project completion and feasibility of each of two scenarios: first, the library closes completely during the project work; secondly, the library partially closes with patron and employee access continuing in zones within the library outside areas of active project work.


The contract generated by this RFP may be cancelled by USJLD for noncompliance with specifications, inability to perform the contracting requirements of USJLD or continued safety hazards. The cancellation notification shall state the cause or reason for the cancellation. Such cancellation would be at no charge to USJLD other than for work authorized and completed at the time of termination.

The Contractor shall provide all items, articles, operations mentioned or herein specified, related labor services, tools, equipment, transportation and incidentals necessary and required for satisfactory, acceptable completion of the contracted work or delivery of materials. USJLD may inspect work at any time during the ongoing work. Should a problem with the materials or the work performed by the Contractor occur during the course of this contract, and should it be shown that the case of this problem is faulty work, the Contractor shall repair such problem fully at Contractor’s own expense. After completion of work, Contractor will return the site to its original condition as determined by the USJLD. Any work required to return the property to its original condition will be at the Contractor’s expense.

Contractor shall be responsible for any injury, damage or loss to all public and private property caused directly, in whole or in part, by their employees or agents or anyone directly or indirectly employed by them or anyone for whose acts any one of them may be responsible. The Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws and codes bearing on the safety of persons or property of their protection, from injury, damage, or loss. Contractor is responsible for the means, methods and sequence of work and all safety aspects of this work. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Contractor agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend USJLD and USJLD’s Agents from and against any and all claims or damages arising from Contractor’s performance of this agreement, as well as acts committed during the course of this agreement by any of Contractor’s officers, employees, guests, invitees, and those doing business with Contractor.

Every effort must be taken to insure the safety and security of the patrons and staff of USJLD. Contractor assures that all existing and every new staff working on site do not have a criminal background which would indicate that they could present a threat to patrons or staff. The Managing Agent may terminate this contract if this provision is violated.  

Contractor agrees that if keys to buildings are misplaced, lost or stolen, the Contractor will absorb all costs incurred to correct the situation.


Contractor shall secure, pay the premiums for, and keep in force until the expiration of their contract adequate liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Certificate of insurance for Worker’s Compensation and for liability shall be delivered to USJLD or kept on file at USJLD prior to start of contract. Any policy change shall be reported to USJLD and certificate forwarded to USJLD. By signing a contract generated by the RFP, the Contractor understands that neither they nor their employees are covered by any USJLD insurance policy. All copies of proof of insurance will be submitted to USJLD along with the RFP. Contractors may send a copy of the required insurances with their proposal, but the work of the RFP cannot begin, nor contract executed until original insurance verification forms are on file at the USJLD offices.

Any USJLD subcontractor must complete a W-9 and provide a Certificate of Insurance showing general liability and workers comp, if they have it, with the library as the certificate holder.  If company does not carry workers compensation, a Declaration needs to be completed and signed in front of a notary public. 


1. Contractor must use the design created by ME&E Engineering.

2. Contractor must have a Business License from the Town of Pagosa Springs and a Contractor Work Permit.

3. Contractor must be licensed to install residential and commercial hot water heating systems, forced air heating systems, domestic hot water systems, evaporative coolers, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

4. Contractor must be able to provide proof of ability to service boilers, including annual preventative maintenance on all related controls.

5. All installations require permits and inspections paid for and coordinated by the Contractor.

6. Replacement to include any and all revisions to existing ducting, electrical, gas and flue piping as necessary to accommodate new furnace installation. This includes but is not limited to installing combustion air and related ducting.

7. Scope of Work attachment must be attached.

8. Note any exclusion(s).


1. USJLD reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality in the RFP process, or to terminate the RFP process at any time, if deemed by USJLD to be in its best interests.

2. USJLD reserves the right to retain all proposals and not to award a contract pursuant to this RFP.

3. USJLD reserves the right to determine the days and hours that the successful bidder shall provide the services called for in this RFP.

4. USJLD reserves the right to negotiate the fees proposed by the bidder.

5. USJLD reserves the right to reject and not consider any proposal that does not meet the requirements of this RFP, including but not limited to incomplete proposals and/or proposals offering alternate or non- requested services.

6. USJLD shall have no obligation to compensate any bidder for any costs incurred in responding to this RFP.

7. USJLD shall reserve the right, to at any time during the RFP or contract process, prohibit any further participation by a bidder or reject any proposal submitted that does not conform to any of the requirements detailed herein.

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