Library Rules

No person may:

  • steal, damage or alter any property of the library
  • smoke, chew tobacco or products containing tobacco in the library
  • commit harassment of another person, within the meaning of Section 18-9-111 C.R.S. or any successor statute, in the library
  • commit indecent exposure, within the meaning of Section 18-7-302 C.R.S. or any successor statute, in the library
  • ride a skateboard, bring or ride a bicycle, wear or use rollerblades or rollerskates, or jeopardize the safety of anyone in the library
  • carry, lead, bring an animal into the library or cause an animal to enter the library, with the exception of properly identified service animals for disabled persons under the control of their owners
  • bring a weapon into or possess a weapon in the library. This prohibition does not apply to law enforcement officers carrying service weapons in accordance with their department policies
  • bring into, sell or possess alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in the library
  • be in the library, without the permission of an authorized library employee, before or after library operating hours.

These rules apply to everyone in the library. Library staff will
intervene to prohibit any of the activities or behaviors listed above.
Violators will be asked to stop such activity immediately. If the
activity/behavior continues, he/she will be instructed to leave the
library for the remainder of that calendar day.

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