Reference Services

Reference service and access to the reference collection are available to all library patrons. Library staff are available to assist patrons locate information as well as sources of information, in print and electronic formats. Reference assistance does not include medical, legal, or personal recommendations or advice.

Homework/School Assignments

Homework is intended to be a learning experience for the student. The staff will assist the student find sources and instruct the student in the use of the sources. Staff are not available to complete assignments or projects for students or to provide answers to homework problems or assignments.

Telephone Requests

Telephone and electronic requests for reference service is limited information that is readily available. If the question cannot be answered within 3-5 minutes, the caller may be asked to come to the library for assistance. Be sure to check-out our extensive collection of online databases and resources. These are freely accessible to patrons (library card and PIN numbers are required to login). Most online databases are accessible from any computer outside the library that is connected to the internet.

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