Snow removal RFP


Date Released:   July 24, 2017

Responses Due By:      September 1, 2017

RFP Submitted By:      Meg Wempe, Director


(A respondent is defined as a company or individual that responds to this RFP.)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that proposals and qualifications are being solicited by the Upper San Juan Library District (“Owner” or “Library”) to obtain snow and ice removal services as described herein for the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library. Individuals or firms responding to this Request for Proposal should have extensive experience, a knowledgeable background and qualifications in the provision of the services described herein.

The RFP package for this service is available on the Library web site at and through the Library Director’s Office at the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library, 811 San Juan Street, PO Box 849, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147during regular business hours (9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday and Wednesday; 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday and Saturday).

Interested respondents shall submit one (1) original and two (2) copies of their proposal for further copying (if necessary).

The Library requires that the RFP response be submitted by U.S. mail or hand delivered by September 1, 2017.

For this RFP, “snow removal” will be used while referring to all management of snow and ice removal, including but not limited to plowing, shoveling, roof clearing and other removal services.

SCOPE of WORK and GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR SNOW REMOVAL  MANAGEMENT at 811 San Juan Street including but not limited to sidewalks and parking lot.


Services initiated:

  1. Snow Removal shall commence automatically once snow accumulation has reached two inches (2″) or more without additional notification by Library Director or library staff. Contractor to remove snow and ice from all walkways to ensure safe passage into and out of the premises for all pedestrians during the time specified below in #4 and #5.

Safe passage requirements:

  1. Contractor to plow all snow in parking lot to ensure all areas, at times specified below, are free from snow and ice to allow safe passage for all vehicles and pedestrians. Removal/plowing to commence when snow accumulation has reached or is anticipated to reach 2” or more.


  1. Contractor to perform “ice watch” duty when the possibility of ice formation exists and immdiately respond in order to eliminate all hazardous conditions. During periods when ice is present, Contractor is at all times to respond promptly to ensure that all parking lots and walkways have been treated and are safe and passable for traffic and pedestrians.

Service timing:

  1. All walkways and parking lots are to be free and clear of ice and snow no later than 8:00 AM, Monday through Sunday. Should snow continue heavily after 8:00 AM, the Library Director or appointed Library Staff may call for supplemental snow removal during the day. Contractor will be aware of the library hours and the Director will contact Contractor if hours change. The current hours of the library are as follows: Mondays & Wednesdays, 9-6; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-7; Fridays & Saturdays, 9-5; Sundays closed.

Snow and ice movement:

  1. Contractor to ensure snow is moved to areas that will not block or inhibit sight lines at driveways, walkways, parking spaces, fire lanes, and handicapped parking spaces on the library property. Cars occupying parking spaces are not to be plowed or blocked in.


  1. Contractor to remove snow from roof in two locations where there is walkway below – staff entrance in back and patron entrance in front. This service will be done when needed and/or upon direction from Library Director or Library Staff.

Proper drainage:

  1. Contractor to ensure that snow is moved to areas that will allow for proper drainage as the snow melts, so as to minimize the formation of ice on surfaces used by pedestrians or vehicles.

Hazardous conditions:

  1. Contractor to notify Library Director of any hazardous conditions that may exist within two hours of recognition.


  1. All products to be used on surfaces are to be such as to not cause damage to the underlying material.

Approval required:

  1. Contractor to utilize chemical on sidewalks to treat ice/snow conditions that will not damage pavers, brick, concrete or other material. Magnesium Chloride is the preferred material and shall be assumed to be the material of choice unless approval is obtained from the Library Director for use of an alternate material by the Contractor prior to application thereof.


  1. All damage to curbs, signs, drains, macadam, landscape, etc., caused by Contractor’s performance of work, will be repaired at Contractor’s sole cost and expense. Library Director will notify Contractor of any repairs to be made unless repairs completed and Contractor advises Director.

Services conducted:

  1. Library Director reserves the right to have a party other than Contractor perform snow removal services in the event Contractor fails to perform in accordance with these specifications as determined by the Director. All such costs will be borne by Contractor and Contractor will be reimbursed by Library at the rates specified in the Contract.


  1. Contractor is to provide a dated detailed hourly report of equipment and manpower used, if applicable, when submitting each invoice. Invoices will be mailed to the Library Director at PO Box 849 Pagosa Springs CO 81147. These invoices will be generated once or twice a month, as determined between Contractor and Director.


  1. Travel time to and from the property is not billable. Only time spent removing snow/ice is billable.

Contact address:

  1. A hard copy of invoices should be sent to: Meg Wempe, Library Director, Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library, PO Box 849, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 or sent electronically to:

Weather source:

  1. When unclear and for purposes of determining snowfall amount, the Contractor shall use the snowfall reported by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) cooperative observer or reporting station in the area where the property is located. This same source will be used in disagreements of whether snow removal should occur.

Additional costs:

  1. Prior to accruing costs for snow removal from property, Contractor shall obtain the permission of the Library Director. If this removal is anticipated, an estimate of the cost will be provided to the Director before any work commences.

Insurance coverage:

  1. Contractor must provide proof of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance as a condition of this contract and before beginning work.

The evaluation process:

  1. The Library’s objective in soliciting proposals is to enable it to select a Respondent that will provide high quality and cost effective services to the citizens of the service district of the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library. The Library will consider proposals only from Respondents that, in the Library’s sole judgment, have demonstrated the capability and willingness to provide high quality services in the manner described in this RFP.

Proposal review requirements:

  1. Proposals will be evaluated by the Library on the basis of which is the most advantageous, price and other factors considered. The evaluation will consider:

a. Experience and reputation in the field; and
b. Knowledge of Colorado special district and library law operations; and
c. Cost Proposal; and
d. Responsiveness to the needs of the Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library; and
e. Other factors demonstrated to be in the best interest of the Library.

The Library shall not be obligated to explain, discuss or otherwise communicate the results of the evaluation process to any Respondent.

Categories to be included in RFP response:

  1. Pricing – please give details about this cost (based on snow amount or per trip)

Plow parking lot:
Shovel sidewalk:
Clear snow off roof where below there are walkways (employee entrance and patron entrance)
Apply snowmelt:

If your pricing is done with different categories than those ones listed, please spell out below.


  1. Please include three (3) professional references and their contact information.

Note: The description of each paragraph is not the entire information, and is provided to ease the review and response time.

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