Tax Information & Forms

Print copies of the federal tax forms and instructions are currently available at the Library.

The Colorado Individual Income Tax Filing Guide booklet is no longer produced in print form, but it is online. Library staff are happy to help you find and print any forms you need.

Federal (IRS) Forms

Click here for current IRS forms and instructions. Please see Notice 1451 if you are filling out the IRA Deduction Worksheet.

The most common forms are Form 1040 and Form 1040-SR.

Various schedules are available online. Most tax forms found on can be printed. Library staff are happy to help you find and print forms at the library.

Electronic filing options are also available online.

Some IRS forms cannot be printed online and must be ordered from the IRS website. Click here to get to the order form.

The library has a limited supply of 1099-MISC (2020) and 1099-NEC (2020). Ask at the front desk if you need one of these “red” forms.

Please visit for more information.

Colorado Tax Forms

Colorado Forms in Number Order are available online.

The Individual Income Tax Filing Booklet contains the most common forms and instructions. Library staff can help you print what you need from this booklet.

Please visit for more information.

Please read Individual Income Tax Due Dates and Filing Extension information for Colorado and a similar notice from the IRS for federal income tax filing deadlines.

Please contact your Ruby M. Sisson Memorial Library if you have any questions. You may contact us by phone at (970) 264-2209, or send an email to

Year-round tax planning is for everyone.

A useful video about tax liens in Archuleta can be seen below. It was presented by the Archuleta County Treasurer Office.

Updated 2/5/2021.

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