College & Career

Need help applying to Colleges?

How to choose the right school for you.  Guidance on choosing where you want to apply.

Advice for the College Applicant:  Everything from how to pick where you want to apply, to tips on writing your application essay.

Applying 101:  Tips and tools for College Applicants.

High School Seniors:  This guide walks you through the timeline of applying to colleges

5 things College Applicants can do to Stand Out.  (In a Good Way)

Tips for Writing a College Application Essay. (From the Experts)


SAT Prep:

The Official SAT Study Guide.  Available through the library.

8 Practice Tests for the SAT.  Available through the cloud library.

Online Study Guide. 


Financial Aid & Scholarships

FAFSA:  Free Application for Federal Student Aid:  Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation.

Types of Financial Aid:  What you need to know about Grants & Scholarships, Loans, Work-Study.

Avoiding Scams:  Before you apply for financial aid, learn how to spot potential fraud, avoid paying for free services, and prevent identity theft.

Paying for college : the Greene’s guide to financing higher education, by Howard Greene & Matthew Greene

In the last 20 years, tuition has increased by a factor of more than 200 percent, which is 3 times the increase in earned income of the average family. It takes from 25 to 30 percent of a family’s yearly after tax earnings to pay for a single child’s college education.

Utilizing their access to college counseling, admissions, and financial aid professionals at colleges and universities across the country, this father and son team have developed a program to make paying for college manageable. They enlighten, motivate, and encourage students and their parents to follow a set of 10 principles designed to help families get a handle on saving and financing a college education. Their mission is to reassure and to help families of every income level and at every stage of preparation to plan a strategy for paying for college.

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